The Innocence Found in Fashion and Beauty

Look the part just in time for Valentine's Day with Mass Appeal Magazine.

Innocence can be evoked through feeling and image. Fashion and beauty can play a part in both these physical and emotional aspects. Let the February issue of Mass Appeal Magazine be your guide. Find the theme of innocence in your shopping habits, skincare routines and salon appointments. As children, dressing up was a form of play. Bring this energy back to your life this month. It may be a habit you even want to continue after February.  


Closet Decisions 


Choose the look of innocence with ‘Threads.’ Certified pearl specialist, Matt Harris offers his professional advice this month. Pearls represent purity, elegance and power. Harris shows readers how to style them for a modern-day look. They are a classic for a reason. 


However, one may want to skip the pearls when it comes to children’s birthday parties.  Fashion contributor, Ayah Kajouk details many alternatives though in ‘Dress Code.’ Whether it’s your kid’s celebration or a friend’s offspring, it’s important to dress comfortably. Of course, a touch of fun is necessary too. 


The Outfit Blueprint 


Looking for inspiration from celebrities? Tiara Cole points us in the direction of A$AP Rocky and Tracee Ellis Ross. Cole highlights the hip hop influences and bold patterns found in rapper A$AP Rocky’s wardrobe. Cole then praises Ross’s eclectic nature. The actress dominates red carpets through her pops of colors and risk-taking silhouettes.  


Revitalize your winter wardrobe by reading February’s ‘Atelier.’ Ieva Skamarociute invites us to explore the sustainable brand Rafaiel Knitwear. Its founder Darcey Lehman developed a passion for textiles and fashion at an early age. After years of traveling, studying, and working between Italy and New York, she brought Rafaiel Knitwear to life. The brand synthesizes her beliefs in creating ethical, inventive garments with a focus on earth tones.  

The Tippy Top 


Take on the playground trend of pigtails and braids once more. In this month’s ‘Hair Affair’ we cherish these innocent hairstyles. It’s possible to incorporate them into adult life as shown by Chinmay Daflapurkar. Thrown on a scrunchie or throw up some space buns. Let your hair routine be joyful once more. 


‘Grooming Lounge’ pivots the hair conversation to men. Hairstylist Shahziab Islam discusses the various choices men can make in the salon chair. From face shape to hair type, find the right cut for you or the men in your life. It’s time to refine your hairstyle terminology.  


Facial Innocence 


Find a youthful glow with February’s ‘Skinn.’ Contributor Melissa Aragon walks us through a routine that will benefit readers of all skin types. Learn the ingredients, techniques and lifestyle choices that give one’s skin a fresh look.  


Once your base is covered, you can incorporate makeup. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, ‘Face’ celebrates baby pink makeup products. The innocent hue works well in eyeshadow, lip gloss and blush. Beauty blogger, Kalii Roller is the perfect person to take us along this journey. Enjoy this feminine touch to your makeup routine.  


The rosy hues continue in February’s ‘Beauty Bar.’ The seasonal fruit we celebrate this month is none other than the strawberry. Nate Masterson details a natural, DIY lip balm recipe just for us. Get those lips nice and kissable for Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Peter Willson offers two strawberry-forward recipes. Willson’s mojito and bruschetta are recipes that are sure to become kitchen staples.  


Innocence is in the air. Embrace it fully with the February 2024 edition of Mass Appeal Magazine.  



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