Incorporating Innocence Into The Master Plan

Enter a new chapter with an air of innocence.

There’s power in innocence. Society tends to encourage us to become cynical and close off our hearts. Therefore, choosing innocence is a radical route to take. Take the leap with Mass Appeal Magazine this February. Building a master plan incorporates studying, rebuilding, and researching. The personal stories from our contributors will help readers write their own plans for success.  


Back To School 


Malika Manelva’s college journey was not a straightforward one. Her first go of college did not work out as she illustrates in ‘A Thin Line.’ After her first year, Manelva dropped out, not finding her footing everywhere she looked. But she returned, new traumas in tow, but also with a newfound resilience. Nursing school was a place Manelva rose to the occasion. Then it all fell into place. 


A different story lies in ‘Art of the Game.’ While working on her bachelor’s degree, Madelyn Stillman started her own business. The innocence of a twenty-year-old did not get in the way of Stillman’s master plan. In fact, Stillman wanted to prove to herself and others that young entrepreneurs are forces to be reckoned with.  


Innocence In the Face of Change 


Inspiration can be found in February’s ‘I Can.’ An American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter for over twenty years, Jamie Drake never imagined she would be one who would need ASL as her main source of communication. Drake’s hearing loss forced her to reconsider her entire life. She utilized innocence to work up to life’s unexpected changes. And it paid off.  


Another illustration of bravely choosing innocence is found in ‘Arrested Development.’ Felicity Nicole moved forward after leaving behind a highly dysfunctional family life. Bringing along her young son, Nicole consistently chose herself. Although, it often took a ‘fake it til you make it’ mentality, Nicole sought inner strength to begin anew. 


From The Ground Up 


Lastly, we chronicle the rise of the activewear brand, Linions. In ‘Blueprint,’ Linions’ CEO and founder, Kate Adams details her company’s story. She took her passion for fitness and health and meticulously outlined her business plan. Adams knew she had to honor her dreams the right way.  


Innocence can be found in so many places. Look for it in the February 2024 issue of Mass Appeal Magazine. 


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