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Love conquers all, which is emphasized in Mass Appeal Magazine’s February 2022 issue, A Return To Love. The magazine’s latest release touches on all aspects of life, and how love influences each element. This issue contains real stories by real people who let love guide them through their careers, online presence, self-salesmanship, and self-acceptance. 

The segment, “On the Rise,” shines a spotlight on emerging stars who are breaking barriers by propelling their career upward. In this month’s submission, Sarah Parsons writes about up-and-coming artist, Sheila Houlahan, an Indian American actor, producer, singer, and mental health advocate. Read to discover how Houlahan is using her platform to bring awareness to issues close to her heart in “A Return to Love.” 

While Houlahan is about to hit her time for fame, the segment “15 Minutes” touches on those who have already had their time in the limelight. This piece by Taylor Tarantino is about several actors who were at one point making all the headlines in Hollywood but exited that lifestyle, leaving us all to question where they went. Read this piece to find out who they are, and why they walked away from fame.  

For our readers looking to enhance their brand or business, this piece is for you. “Buzz” provides everything related to PR, from tips on publicity tactics and brand management, to speech writing, media relations and social media skills. Paige Arnof-Fenn, an established public relations consultant, writes about the best ways to become more influential by using PR strategies. Find out what they are and grow your business knowledge!  

Social media can be a great tool for entrepreneurs and business owners to market themselves, but if they’re not careful, social media can quickly become negative. “Social Net-Worth” is a segment that discusses the role social media plays in our lives. This month, we asked writers to submit how they engage in loving activity online to improve mental wellbeing, and how the online community can inspire positivity and self-love. Andrew Selepak shares how he went from being consumed by negative social media, to enjoying his time online. Read “A Return to Love” to learn how he did it.     

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