Post-Pandemic Hope in the Workforce

Post-Pandemic Hope in the Workforce

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. We need hope to survive; without it, we languish. In this month’s issue, Hope, you’ll find inspiring stories from individuals who share their experience with that one feeling that’s stronger than fear.

April’s content consists of groundbreaking, tearjerking, and insightful stories all having to do with the subject of Hope. That driving feeling can be found in both our professional and personal lives, and everywhere in between. It’s relevance, especially after a 2-year long pandemic, is prominent in our fast-paced and sometimes challenging world. Below are summaries of some of the amazing submissions we received that can be found in Mass Appeal Magazine.

Our section “A Thin Line” deals with crossing boundaries to reach your goals. A submission by Kaycia Eillingsen discusses her challenges in chasing her dreams and how she finally crossed that line to achieve success- all by never letting go of hope. Author Lizann Lightfoot also touches on this in her submission for our section, “Blueprint,” where she talks about the realities of being a military wife. She discusses the importance of positivity as she navigates her inconsistent lifestyle, as well as the need for hopefulness within her family. Read her full story in our magazine.

For our “Arrested Development” section, we asked for stories from people who lost hope in a deep dark situation, but in return, rediscovered themselves. Milana Perepyolkina shares her story of a tragic ice-skating accident that ultimately resulted in a personal awakening that allowed her to rediscover herself and her purpose. Her story is eye-opening and reminds you to hold onto hope at all costs.

They say the game is to be sold, not told. Not at Mass Appeal, we are here to give you all “The Art of the Game.” Through wisdom and truth, we share what it takes to get in the game and win. A submission by Matthew D. Anderson discusses how he found himself unemployed at the peak of his career, but used his background and fierce drive to excel and master the game. In our section, “Transferrable,” Anderson also shares his knowledge on how to find your footing with the aftershocks of the pandemic. In this section, he addresses how to maintain your confidence in an everchanging, pandemic influenced professional world.

The section “925” provides tips for high school and college students who are entering the workforce and adult life. For April, we asked for recommendations for future students to make college affordable. Beth McCarter shares her experience and advice on this topic and offers realistic recommendations for students who are seeking education on a budget. Read her helpful tips in Mass Appeal Magazine.

This month’s “I Can” section is about individuals with disabilities who were told their situations were hopeless, but they proved everyone wrong and beat the odds. Jill Goldstein writes about Brendan Wolff, an autistic individual who used his gifts to propel his education and later open a school for others like him. His story is unique and his work towards creating a learning environment that caters to all is truly inspiring.

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