Hope Within Us

Hope Within Us

Mass Appeal Magazine’s latest issue, Hope, consists of groundbreaking, tearjerking, and insightful stories all having to do with the subject of Hope. You’ll find inspiring stories from individuals who share their experience with that one feeling that’s stronger than fear, and can be found in both our professional lives, personal lives, and everywhere in between. It’s relevance, especially after a 2-year long pandemic, is prominent in our fast-paced and oftentimes challenging world. Below are summaries of some of the amazing submissions we received that can be found in Mass Appeal Magazine.

Mass Appeal’s mantra is: perception is nine-tenths the law. That means, no matter what we think of ourselves, whether right or wrong, how others perceive us can dictate our success. For this month’s “910” section, we asked individuals to share how a sprinkle of hope allowed them to overcome a reputation that kept them from winning. Sangeetha Kowsik writes about her ethnic background and how it can easily influence her brand. She is the only Hindu Indian American woman and Arabic/Islamic calligrapher who hopes to break stigmas and represent her people.

This month’s “Inside Out” section shares strategies to deal with what’s going on internally, whether anxiety or hopelessness, to improve external outcomes. Cynthia Halow shares 5 strategies on how to take control of your feelings in her insightful submission. Read about them in our magazine today! “Bulletproof” shares inspirational stories of readers using their suit of armor to survive assaults on their self-esteem. Samuel Shepherd shares his experience of his diagnosis with a chronic illness and how he didn’t let it destroy his self-esteem and with it, his livelihood. Read his story to discover how he held onto hope and created a situation for himself where he could live out his passions and remain healthy and happy.

“Moral Code” explores society’s ever-changing moral landscape to determine what still matters, what has changed, and how to demonstrate “good ethics” in our lives daily. This month’s submission by Marc Tonkin discusses how he suggests going about unethical behavior or a toxic culture. Read to discover his insights on this topic and learn the best practice for dealing with unsettling behavior.

For “Surrender,” we asked people to respond to this question: What happens when you’ve worked so long for something, and you realize it’s not going to work? What do you do? Do you keep working at it or get out? How do you surrender? Chistian Sismone answers these questions in his submission and discusses how he accepted his reality when his past perception of his life didn’t turn out the way he wanted.

For our section “Affirm,” we are sought out inspirational and motivational quotes on hope, faith, and belief. Connie L. Habash shares engaging quotes and ideas about our Divine Self, and explores the importance of hope and faith in her entry. Read her eye-opening submission in Mass Appeal Magazine.

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