Marching Through First Impressions

Study up with Mass Appeal Magazine this March.

As we move through March, Mass Appeal Magazine continues the conversation on madness. The contributors apply the concept to first impressions. How can one show up in a friendship affected by a disability? We show you. How are young people fairing these days? We discuss. These articles apply to those of all ages at all stages. Change careers, demonstrate manners, and follow an unconventional path. And do so without too much madness.  


The Joyful Madness of Youth 


To begin, Danielle Tucci prepares students in “925.” As the second trimester is winding down for many, finals week ups the ante. Tucci knows this subject well as a licensed professional counselor and adjunct professor. Tucci writes on the madness of cramming for a test and how to avoid it. She advises busy students to take care of their bodies, first and foremost. Trust Tucci, her tips come from a place of extensive knowledge. 


Then the conversation takes a whimsical turn in “On the Rise.” Daniel Chan introduces readers to the fifteen-year-old magician James Chan. The bay area native is wowing audiences. Flaming torches may be involved…And the entertainment industry has taken notice. Chan was recently featured in the Netflix feature ME TIME, starring well-known actors Jimmy O. Yang, Kevin Hart, and Mark Wahlberg. The magic never stops when Chan is involved. 


Growing Up and Making It Count 


Next up, comes Leswanth Tammisetty’s story in “910.” Tammisetty pushes against the traditional views of bipolar disorder with his personal tale. Tammisetty discusses the budding friendship he struck up with an individual who has bipolar disorder. The strength to look beyond the stereotypes is at the heart of Tammisetty’s story. Break down barriers together.  


Meanwhile, Deborah Harrison details the various talents a teaching career hones. In ‘Transferable,’ Harrison credits her English teacher job for her effective communication skills. This led to Harrison’s next venture: business operations and marketing consultancy. It may not be the obvious leap, but once you read Harrison’s words, you’ll see the similarities. Changing jobs doesn’t have to be madness. 

Finally, ‘Savoir Faire’ rounds out our ‘first impression’ pieces. A particularly apt piece as Easter is this month. Jaime River is our contributor this March. River advises readers on etiquette concerning religious-related events, especially when individuals are not practicing. River acknowledges that changing times have altered the practices. However, it’s best to educate oneself on the specific event’s nature. Celebrate with care.  


To get the full story, read the March issue of Mass Appeal Magazine.   

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