Foster Confidence and a Bit of Madness

Embrace that hint of madness and dance it out with confidence.

This March, Mass Appeal Magazine is digging deep. After reading our various pieces, our readers may find that confidence was within them all along. Madness can even be embraced. Our contributors are experts in inner and outer work. Build that confidence that already lies within. No matter your confidence level, Mass Appeal Magazine’s writers will meet you where you’re at.   


Inner Work  


First, Robert Pardi writes on healing. In ‘Inside Out,’ Pardi sheds light on celebrating inner madness. Pardi found it helped him through the grieving process and beyond. Rediscovering childlike wonder can lead to a more fulfilling life. Pardi is evidence of this phenomenon. 


Of course, mental health healing cannot be discussed without mentioning “Surrender.” Taylor Volk provides wisdom in this section. Volk speaks on creativity. As an artist, Volk knows a certain flow is needed to surrender to the creative mind. Pick up the paintbrush after reading this piece from the March issue.  


“Bulletproof’ continues this wellness train. This month’s contributor is Amanda Haro, a burnout and confidence coach. The article speaks on trusting oneself, especially when it comes to parenting. Haro wants women to embrace their mind and madness even. 


‘Moral Code’ allows us to move through a heartbreaking process. The contributor, Marissa Moore, discusses caring for a family member with dementia. It’s about them, but also you. Moore is a licensed professional counselor, therapist, and mental health consultant. Therefore, Moore will show readers how to practice self-care while caring for another. 



Outer Work  


Meanwhile, the words of others impact us for the better with March’s ‘Affirm.’ Kate Ross provides a quote from the great Emily Dickinson that will bring us solace. Readers can print this quote out and repeat it daily for wonderful benefits.  Madness is something to be celebrated after all.  


Lastly, outer work cannot be done without exercise. Fitness coach Alex McBrairty provides readers with a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout plan. In ‘Shape,’ McBrairty chronicles HIIT’s origins and benefits. The plan details various moves that are sure to get the body in tip-top condition. Maximize recovery with McBrairty suggested post-workout snacks. The results on the mind will not go unnoticed.   


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