Clear Communication Fights the Madness

Communication is broken into two categories these days. It’s either human or technology based. And no matter the method—if done improperly, it could lead to madness. In Mass Appeal Magazine, our contributors help us master both sides to keep us in check. Learn how to discuss on the page or in-person. Show off your language skills on a screen. Talk it out this spring. Gain communicative insight with the March issue.   


Talking It Through In Work/Life  


Use ‘Body Talk’ tips to improve your image. Tesa Saulmon shows readers how to stand their ground and appear rational. It allows one to feel respected and approachable. Saulmon’s advice will help in the realm of hand gestures, facial expressions, and body stances. When one hones these skills properly, one can get their message across more effectively.   


Continuing the career conversation, look to March’s ‘Buzz.’ No one is better to learn from about public relations than Ester KissShe is an entrepreneur, speaker, PR educator, and the founder of a boutique PR and marketing agency specializing in helping entrepreneurs and founders get more publicity, leads, and sales. Kiss advises those in the PR field through the various stressors. Kiss writes on the importance of organization in this field. It’s for the well-being of the PR team and clients. Free your firm from the madness.  


After a long day, healthfully communicating with the self is just as crucial. Forget the outer perceptions. Through ‘Noise,’ conjure up some inner peace. Julie Morris educates and holds us accountable to stay true to our thoughts. Morris discusses conformity and how to shield the mind from it. Communication isn’t just for others; it’s for you, too.   


In March’s ‘Paper,’ contributor Nicolai Rackow improves our handwriting. Rackow illustrates the many ways we can alter our lettering even after years of doing it one way. Rackow covers all, whether it’s mindfulness when letter-writing. Or the benefits of improvement. Impressive penmanship will always make a lasting impression. 


Technological Madness 


Pivoting to the screens, let’s improve our phone calls. Leonardo Berch contributes to this month’s ‘Fuse.’ Berch is an appropriate writer for this section as he was a language teacher. Berch shows readers how to choose the right words, avoid filler sounds and remain clear when on the phone. Berch credits communication difficulties over the phone due to lack of body language reading. Ensuring you get your message across with just your voice can be daunting, but no with Berch’s advice. May all your future calls be fruitful. 


‘Social Networth’ gets the mediation treatment. Writing on the subject is Max Shak. He focuses this piece on social media arguments and how to navigate them. Shak fights the fire with care and caution. Heated discussions over a screen never go anywhere nice. Best to stay quiet. Mute when you can.  


Keep the madness at bay even after March. Stay subscribed and read Mass Appeal Magazine.   

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