Communication Comes First In Work and Life

Write it out with Mass Appeal Magazine this January.

Communication is the foundation. It establishes one’s career. It furthers our personal lives. Therefore, it’s a wonderful skill to continue to hone as it’s ever evolving in all aspects of our culture. Use the first month of the year to start communicating effectively. It could alter the course of your 2024. Learn from Mass Appeal Magazine’s multi-faceted contributors this January.  


Work It Out in Words 


Public relations professionals are expert communicators. ‘Buzz’ takes readers through the ins and outs of the industry. Gemma Whitaker takes the reigns this month. Whitaker shows readers the power that lies in setting the narrative when launching a new product or initiative. She talks about various strategies on planning and messaging. An organized launch could make or break a release.  


For PR professionals trying to start their own firm, ‘Noise’ may be of help. Tyler Lowe chronicles entrepreneurship. Lowe details the importance of focusing on mental resilience when starting a business. From cognitive behavioral techniques to support systems to physical health, all is covered. Lowe references various famous entrepreneurs and how they implement these strategies as well. 


Keep up this entrepreneurial spirit with January’s ‘Fuse.’ Contributor Sophie Fennelly praises the practice of remembering names. In a work setting, this skill can be particularly helpful. Fennelly lists several ways to practice remembering the names of colleagues, acquaintances, and higher-ups.  


Life’s Many Forms of Communication 


Stress no more while staring at your phone screen. ‘Social Networth’ is here to quell anxieties one may have about sending a friend request on social media to a private account. Deepika Adhikari contributes to this January piece. Grasp the tech and moral implications of the act. May you see ‘Friend Request Accepted’ appear on your phone in no time.  


For those steering clear of screens, perhaps a new year’s resolution, read ‘Paper.’ Swapnil Pate gives us insight into the mechanics and art of letter writing. A form of communication utilized for so long, it’s power still holds true. Pate leads us step-by-step. Set the tone, establish connection and sign-off with style.  


Lastly, January’s communication pieces are rounded out by ‘Body Talk.’ Licensed clinical psychologist, Joel Frank is this month’s voice. A crucial form of non-verbal communication, body language is examined here. Show others you’re open to their conversation with Frank’s strategies. And don’t forget to stand tall. 


Reach your full potential with Mass Appeal Magazine. Read the full pieces in the January 2024 issue.  

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