Embrace the Fool in the Master Plan

Run into April with focus and determination.

Finding oneself to be a fool is so often a negative experience. But we want to rewrite that. This April first also known as the prank lovers, April Fool’s Day, alter your perspective. The label of “fool” can mean you just have to keep learning. The “fool” is no fate. In tarot decks, The Fool card is one of innocence, new beginnings, and originality. Lean into this with Mass Appeal Magazine. Spring is a time of rebirth. Therefore, newness is an apt theme. Rewrite your master plan with our contributors. 


Pain is No Fool 


To begin, Leonardo Berch tells his story in “Arrested Development.” Berch chronicles his journey through a love triangle or even love square. Learn how he overcame the heartbreak. Love can so often make us feel like fools. Grow in the face of it. And love again and again. 


In addition, Greg Wieting details his struggle with chronic pain. A constant wave of anxiety and depression washed over Wieting’s life. A childhood with leg braces. Countless doctor visits. His journey is an uphill battle as shown in “I Can.” A great leap of faith saved him when no one else could. Wieting’s unstoppable nature inspires chronic pain sufferers today. 


Moreover, age and uncertainty intersect in Bonnie Frankel’s “A Thin Line.” Frankel’s midlife divorce halted so much. Life improvements seemed just out of Frankel’s grasp until she altered her mindset. No more ‘princess attitude.’ Running changed it all. And Frankel was no longer running from her problems. In fact, she was running as an antidote. 


 Career Ups and Downs 


Meanwhile, Teresha Aird walks us along her career path. Aird changed her life for the better, as shown in “Art of the Game.” Her real estate ventures were made possible by intentional choices. She recognizes the importance of a team. When it comes to professionalism, Aird is no fool. 


Lastly, human resources expert R Karl Hebenstreit offers us his ‘Blueprint’ for a success. Hebenstreit writes about always reexamining one’s goals. His changes every few years prove job and life satisfaction. Looking into human resources as a career option. Look to Hebenstreit. 



To read the full articles, look to the April 2024 issue of Mass Appeal Magazine.   

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