Fashion and Beauty Amongst the Madness

Don't be green with envy this month, be green with glamour!

March brings the season of spring. A new season always brings a monumental shift in fashion and beauty. It’s a metaphor for the rebirth of our look in many ways. Our Mass Appeal Magazine contributors take this energy to new heights this month. They help sift through the madness of the hot and cold temperatures. Trust in the process, in spring, in florals. You may find yourself rocking a new look or two. 



Fashion Joy and Madness 


For those on the market to perfect their feminine, contemporary look, try Maria Pinto. The brand and its designer are known for a deconstructed couture method. In ‘Atelier,’ Janet Isabelli shines that spotlight on Pinto’s fashion. Pinto also recently opened a 3,000-square-foot retail space that reflects her minimalist aesthetic.  


Are you looking for fashion inspiration? ‘Style Icon’ points to Elle Fanning and Wizkid. Caroline Albert chronicles the actress and Nigerian singer-songwriter, respectively. Both are in high demand within their creative endeavors, which means loads of glamorous red-carpet looks. Through their style choices, it’s evident Elle Fanning and Wizkid know who they are, inside and out. 


Meanwhile, ‘Dress Code’ rolls out all the stops for the event of the season: March Madness. Amiyah Watts contributes her thoughts and tips on the perfect basketball game looks. Watts is a seasoned fashion stylist, so we’re hearing from the absolute best. Go beyond the jersey and team colors. Make a statement even though you’re off the court.  


For the men listening to a whole of Rolling Stones, ‘Grooming Lounge’ is here to help. Marcus Clarke covers all styles and techniques in the art of rockstar chic. From the clothes, grooming habits to accessories, Clarke discusses all. Warning: after reading, you may look like you just walked out of an album cover. 


The spring energy is in full swing with March’s ‘Threads.’ Alex Higson praises the pastel hues of the season. Higson discusses textures, bases, prints and fabrics to consider. Walker also walks the readers through the history of lilac, butter yellow, baby blue and light pink. These shades are not just for the nursery and Easter morning. Bring this lightness into your everyday wardrobe. 



 March on with Beauty 


Liis Hainla wants you to prepare for spring and more specifically, St. Patrick’s Day. However, this isn’t about buying a shamrock t-shirt. In ‘Face,’ Hainla suggests we stock up on emerald green eyeliner for a night out or a moss green for a workday look. The article shades, brand suggestions, and the types offered. Never feel overwhelmed by incorporating the color green into your makeup routine ever again.  


Give the face a bit more love with Michele Green—yes, speaking of green… Michele Green is a cosmetic dermatologist and research advisor at GYA Labs. In “Skinn,” Green provides her professional opinion on under-eye circles. They are all too common and there are many ways to combat them, but starting with some base information is crucial. Green is your guide to help you look more rested and refreshed. 


The beauty talk leads to the kitchen in ‘Beauty Bar.’ The seasonal fruit of kiwis gets the star treatment here. Catarina Tucker notes the fruit’s numerous health benefits and recommends starting with a sandalwood and kiwi mask. Then readers can move on to enjoy the Kiwi Spa Salad, Kiwifruit Mocktail or Kiwi Kiss Martini. Get the full recipes and thank us later.  


To top it off, we end with ‘Hair Affair.’ Debbie Adams covers all things bedhead and prevention techniques. This piece discusses protective hairstyles and suggests pillowcase types. Detangle even while asleep.  


To read the full stories, look to the March 2024 issue of Mass Appeal Magazine.   


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