Master Plan with a Hint of Madness

Highlight the inspiring stories of our contributors by reading the 'master plan' pieces of Mass Appeal Magazine.

There really is beauty in the madness. This is what we aim to prove in the March 2024 edition of Mass Appeal Magazine. And madness doesn’t even have to be spontaneous, nor does it mean basketball season. It can be a part of one’s master plan. Gain insight from our unique group of contributors to use toward work and home life.   


Work Through the Madness 


To begin, we see a change happen for the better. Deborah Harrison utilized her gifts from teaching English to high school students toward a business operations and marketing consultant role. While both jobs may not appear connected from the outside, Harrison shows off her ‘Transferable’ skills. From planning ahead to communicating effectively, teaching gave Harrison her professional advantage. It’s never too late to alter the course of your career. 


The job inspiration continues in ‘Art of the Game.’ Contributor Min Hwan Ahn details her immigrant upbringing and how it inspired a life of law. As an immigrant, Ahn had to navigate the intricacies of U.S. law and immigration policies, which often felt like a labyrinth. Gathering knowledge and experience, Ahn started their own firm to help immigrants tackle their legal battles with less fear and uncertainty. Immigration doesn’t have to be madness. And Ahn highlights this. 


Timothy McCarthy could have let it all descend into madness. After doing well in school, himself, McCarthy went on to pursue a rewarding career in basketball coaching kids. Until one day, he was fired. A low point for McCarthy, learn how he didn’t let this ‘Arrested Development’ get in the way of his journey. He found solace in another active job once more. This is a story of hope. 


Find Your Home 


Then comes the complicated story of Hyapatia Lee. In ‘A Thin Line’ Lee recollects the trauma that shaped her. From addiction to infidelity to abuse, Lee’s life has been a difficult one. It’s a life that she understands she is not just the victim of—she made her cuts too. But she created a new chapter. One that looks a whole lot different. Get perspective. Gain inspiration.  


Finally, we reach the last of our master plan pieces with ‘Blueprint.’ Joseph Taveras chronicles a newfound joy he gained after the traumatic year of 2020. Taveras became a full-time artist at home. He credits his creative journey to cherishing a unique perspective, questioning, and spending time in solitude. Looking to ignite your artistic path? Read here. 



The full articles are in the March 2024 issue of Mass Appeal Magazine. Embrace the madness. 

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