Put Fashion and Beauty First

Stay fashion-forward this year with the help of Mass Appeal Magazine.

Put your best shoe forward this January. The first month of 2024 features various aspirational pieces on fashion and beauty. Our contributors help readers evolve their look in a way that feels comfortable and natural. Embrace the new and old with Mass Appeal Magazine. Whether you’re clearing out your closet for a fresh start and trying to implement a new makeup routine, it’s all covered. 


Put Fashion First 


Begin by learning about designer Peter Do. His innovative pieces are highlighted in his eponymous brand. Yenia Hernández Fonseca details his background, signature elements and ethical values in ‘Atelier.’ More of Do’s work can be seen in the Spring/Summer 2024 Helmut Lang collection. 


Gain even more fashion inspiration from January’s ‘Style Icon.’ Contributor Grace Thomas praises NBA player Russell Westbrook and American socialite Olivia Palermo. Westbrook’s creativity and boldness shines within the fashion world. His looks are often gender-neutral featuring kilts and dresses. Meanwhile, Palermo leans toward timelessness in her ensembles. From tulle to knitwear, Palermo is an expert at pairing various fabrics together. 


Looking forward to an upcoming first date? ‘Dress Code’ is here to help by way of Joe Manktelow-Pimm. The guide is comprehensive for men, women, and non-binary people. Charm easily with the suggested brands, pieces, colors, fabrics, accessories, and shoes. And if the date doesn’t go well? At least you looked good.  


Men can delve even further into shoe choices with ‘Grooming Lounge.’ Chris Laverty highlights three classics of the men’s footwear department: sneakers, loafers, and dress shoes. Read up on the best brands and simplest way to ensure comfort. Look the part from head to toe.  


We look in the near-distant future with ‘Threads.’ Kathy Fisher predicts the big fashion trends of 2024. Fisher based her notes on the runways and general direction of the public. From the eras celebrated to the prints to be seen in, stay stylish this year.  


The Year of Beautification 


Ring in the new year with grapefruit season and its many benefits. Sarah Abraham details the recipes of a Grapefruit Paloma to pair nicely with a grapefruit toner. Get those skin benefits with a cocktail to sit back with as is the intention of ‘Beauty Bar.’ For those practicing Dry January, Anna Peterson offers her mocktail recipe for a Grapefruit Spritzer.  


Wash away 2023 with ‘Skinn.’ MD of Dermatology and Cosmetology, Dr. Anju Methil outlines the best cleanser routines and products. This in-depth piece will help any confused skincare shopper find the right cleanser.  


Once one’s base is set-up, they can move onto the makeup. Kalii Roller details the future of cosmetics in ‘Face.’ Learn the products, colors, and influences. You may find yourself on Sephora’s website.  


To round out the beauty segment, we look to the hair. Shahziab Islam embraces natural hair. For readers trying to return to their natural roots, there are many factors to keep in mind. However, there is such beauty in the celebration of one’s authentic self.  


To read the above pieces in their entirety, look to the January 2024 issue of Mass Appeal Magazine.  

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