An Absolute Wonder

Having people consistently tell you that you can’t do something or achieve your dreams because of your disability can break your spirit. Mass Appeal asked individuals with disabilities about the mental impact of others doubting their abilities and how they achieved their dreams despite the naysayers. Miss Wondersmith shares her heartbreaking story of suddenly becoming extremely ill due to a combination of chronic illnesses triggered by a series of concussions as a teenager. Diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehler Danlos Syndrome, Borrelia Myamotoi (it’s like Lyme disease but causes neurological issues), Stage 3 Endometriosis, and long-term PTSD from all the medical traumas. She didn’t let the negative people stop her from reaching her dreams. Instead, she defied the odds. She stopped listening to the people that told her, “you can’t…” because she already is. Wondersmith says, “it is an absolute honor to be that example for others now.” Read her full story in this issue of I Can.

So many things in life can cause a person to break. Thankfully, mental health and wellness have moved center stage as society understands its significance in staying healthy. As a result, careers in counseling, life coaching, and mentoring are exploding. Mass Appeal is looking for industry leaders to share transferrable skills desired in the health and wellness industry. Before transitioning into the health and wellness industry, Filipa Bellette, Co-Founder of the award-winning holistic health practice Chris & Filly Functional Medicine and a board-certified Clinical Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Ph.D. Scholar worked at Macquarie University as a Lecturer, Tutor, and Researcher in English Literature and Creative Writing. She transitioned her career and eventually became a clinical nutritionist & functional medicine practitioner, opening her practice. She shares her strategies of how she made the switch in this issue of Transferable.

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