From recording artist to radio co-host, busy Canadian singer and songwriter and Billboard charting artist, Avery Raquel, has been entertaining audiences professionally for over ten years. She’s released three solo albums to critical acclaim and airplay across the country and is now prepping for her self-titled fourth release in 2022. She achieved success as an independent artist without a major recording label support. Follow along in On The Rise to hear how she did it and what else she has coming soon by Tracy Lamourie.

You’re quiet, but people think you are conceded. You’re shy and don’t talk, so others think you don’t like them. You are loud, and others think you are confident but insecure. Most people are often incorrect about perceptions, but their thoughts still impact our success. Mass Appeal is looking for experts or individuals to share how others perceived them affected their career or how mental health issues show up in the real world. Eduard Andrei says there is no more time for analysis or self-reflection. Indeed, the perceptions of others about us dictate our actions and, of course, their success or lack thereof. We are all different, fortunately. Can you imagine how sad it would be for us all to be the same? However, we perceive most people similarly, cataloging and labeling them. “She is shy, while he is impulsive.” Only they know what is behind these filters. Andrei offers strategies to eradicate prejudices in this issue of 910.

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