Admission, Affirmations & Etiquette

Dealing with someone with mental health issues is a challenge. Most people will walk away from or shun those experiencing a breakdown instead of helping them, even when it’s family. Jen Nash shares her personal story on how to help someone who is not well. Nash says everyone knows someone going through cancer or something equally physically challenging. I am often saddened by how few people show up for others when they’re sick or going through something oppressive. We could do much better to support people struggling with tragedy, grief, loss, or health issues. Learn more in Moral Code.

Admitting you have a mental, emotional, and spiritual health issue is the first step to getting healthy. Mass Appeal asked survivors how they surrendered to their diagnosis and built a healthy and stable life for themselves. What did they do, and what made them change? How would they describe a body, mind, and spiritual connection? Hermione Sihukai says The Mind, body, and soul are all connected; it’s our job to listen to our Soul and overcome our Ego, all while training our Body to share. Sihukai expresses that there are two choices when you go through a negative experience: denial or acceptance. Once you have accepted your experience, you have another set of options. One, to contract and pull your protection barrier higher so you won’t experience more pain, or two, expand your heart and find the common denominator between you and your situation or perpetrator. This mindset Sihukai uses to develop and maintain my spiritual, mental, and emotional health. Discover more valuable tips in Surrender.

We sought inspirational poems, quotes, or mantras on health and wellness. Courtney Taylor has provided inspirational quotes to her clients for many years as a mental wellness counselor. The quotes will be more beneficial for some individuals than others, but typically everyone will have a quote that speaks to them. Check out the latest issue of Affirm to see if these affirmations resonate with you too!

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