Surrender: 3 Principle Rules for Living

By Nate Battle

As the saying goes “when it rains, it pours”, at least that was my life experience. Most of the turmoil I faced in my life occurred at the same time. There was a point my career, marriage, finances, and father were all in ICU at the same time. I worked so hard and had been on the verge of becoming a millionaire three different times. Needless to say, I had to start over from nothing. If you think that was really challenging, life wasn’t through with me. I was diagnosed with cancer, and I survived.

The battles I had to fight brought on challenges that were out of my control. I had to learn to let go of the notion that I could control everything. I couldn’t. However, I could control how I responded to what life threw at me. I had to learn how to deal with things as they came. I have developed a two-step process to deal with the uncontrollable series of events that life will constantly bring.

The first step is always remembering life (like this day) does not last forever. In life, no one gets out alive. We all have an expiration date; we just don’t know when it is. Looking at life in this way, helped to put adverse events into perspective. At best they are temporal. Understanding this teaches us to discard negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that don’t serve us and begin anew, at any moment we choose. It also challenges you to grow, build character, be more grateful and live an authentic life. Second, as a focus and a preemptive strike against the lasting impacts of life’s obstacles and challenges, I have adopted a simple three principle rule by which to live.

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