Savior Faire: How to Say No Gracefully

Savior Faire: How to Say No Gracefully

By Nikki Webster

NO! A word so tiny, yet such a huge impact is difficult to say. “No” is often used but some are nervous to say it. If you are worried about hurting someone’s feelings, there are ways to say “no” gracefully. Take a moment and think before you give your answer. While you’re thinking, consider your priorities. Afterward, choose either “yes” or “no.” Answering “no” quickly makes it obvious that no matter what the person asks, your answer would be “no.”

Start on a positive note by thanking the person for thinking of you. Follow up with the reason you can’t accept the request. If you can give the real reason you’re unable to help, it’s kind to let them know. “I’d love to help. Unfortunately, I’m already overextended.” It isn’t always necessary to over-explain. Keep your explanation short and sweet. Saying less makes it harder for someone to sabotage your “no” by pressuring you for more information as to why you won’t say “yes.”

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