Reflections Of Me

You become what you believe.

We are multi-dimensional beings; more than just what we ration and accept as human, although human is included. For instance, take a moment to bring your awareness to your body – are you sitting or standing? Are you breathing with ease or strain? Do you feel relaxed or with tension? When we examine our bodies, we are applying our thoughts to the functions of our bodies. This interaction displays a connection between two dimensions or levels: our bodies, which are corporeal and tangible; and our thoughts, which are mental and imaginative. In other words, we are functioning, and are able to function, on a multitude of levels, whether or not we are consciously thinking about or perceiving it. This goes to demonstrate how even though we may not be thinking about or physically experiencing something does not lead to the conclusion that whatever it is we are not perceiving does not exist – it may just for someone else and from an alternative perspective. Even further, this interaction between the two dimensions stated prior operates as part of one whole – that is, parts of the components of what makes up ourselves, with the two dimensions, each in their own right, as whole components. Read More

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