Inside The Sculpture

As the weather changes from sunny to soaked, outdoor fitness may not be as convenient. Thomas Roe of TRoe Fitness is a 20-year sports and fitness industry veteran, celebrity trainer, and owner of Local Moves Studio. His “no gym” approach to working out helps clients in a group setting or during a 1:1 session. Roe gives his five favorite, quick, and easy full-body workouts for indoors. The article, “Inside the Sculpture,” switching from outdoor fitness to a more controlled indoor exercise regimen, can be simple with these moves to help sculpt a sleek and sexy body. Here’s an excerpt from this article:

“Walking lunges –  These are a great way to hit every muscle group in the lower body. Be mindful of always keeping your shoulders above your hips, looking straight ahead, not down at your feet. A simple rep/set is a total of 20 exaggerated steps or standing in place for 20 per leg. Also, never let your front knee go past your front toe; your trail knee bends until almost touching the ground.”

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