The Davina Paradigm

This issue of Mass Appeal Magazine is all about self-improvement. To kick things off, our contributors, Derreck Pickard & Echo Wang, ask our editor-in-chief how she maintains balance in life while managing a business. Read “The Davina Paradigm” to find the complete questions and answers in this issue of “Ask Davina.” Here’s an excerpt from this article:

”One of the things I noticed in my life was when I didn’t follow what I wanted and instead did something else to help others, I ended up the biggest loser. It could be small things such as trying to protect your friend from being hurt. Instead of telling the truth, you don’t say anything at all. Later, I would look like the liar or the untrustworthy one, but I was trying to prevent someone from getting their feelings hurt. Or perhaps, there was a time when I’d rather be somewhere else, and I stuck around so that others would feel better about their life or situation. Thus, neglecting myself, I don’t do that anymore.”

Our editor-in-chief loves to spread knowledge as a successful businesswoman, mother, and humanitarian. Born and raised in a poor, working-class neighborhood, she understands the importance of lifting others. She lives by the motto; “Each One, Teach One.” If you want to build your business, protect your entity, improve your career, revamp and improve your image, establish credit, or perhaps, you have other burning questions to ask our editor-in-chief. Here’s your chance, reach out to appear in our next issue of Mass Appeal. Read more of this article on

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