Positive First Impressions For Fresh Starts

Stay warm and put your focus on Mass Appeal Magazine.

First impressions get the star treatment this January. Mass Appeal Magazine’s issue this month focuses on firsts. Whether personal or professional, our contributors offer unique insight into the world of new beginnings. It’s time to start conversations, jobs, and relationships off on the right foot. Keep up those improvements with us this year. 


Starting with the Personal 


We begin with a charming tale from Robyn O’Neill. In ‘910,’ O’Neill chronicles a first date gone wrong. Read how a fateful, snowy night changed the course of O’Neill’s life. In their story, first impressions are everything and nothing all at once.  


We move along to the unspoken rules of waiting in line. In ‘Savoir Faire,’ Donna Lubrano guides readers. It’s crucial to note the differences in line etiquette from region to region in the United States and beyond. Remember, you’ll be first in line eventually.  


Get to know Grace Wethor in ‘On the Rise.’ Martha Lynn Leon details the highs and lows of Wethor’s life thus far. A champion for brain cancer research, Wethor is a brain cancer survivor herself with numerous accomplishments under her belt. Grace Wethor is an author, model, and actress; one to note for years to come.  


The First Day of Work and So Forth 


We begin our career-focused pieces with ‘Transferable.’ Katie Woodburn-Simmonds had not one, but two significant first days of work. Woodburn-Simmonds transitioned from the hospitality industry to web development with ease. She credits this to the transferable skills acquired through the seemingly unconnected jobs.  


To finish, Keenan Beavis walks recent college graduates through the job-hunting process in ‘925.’ It’s never too early to perfect one’s strategies. Even though young people may lack specific career experience, they still have valuable attributes that can make them standout. From resume writing to embracing unique strengths, that next job is yours.  



Start off right with the Mass Appeal Magazine. Find the full pieces in the January 2024 issue.  

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