David Correy

David Correy’s rise to fame from his appearance on the hit television show The X Factor introduced the world to his extraordinary talent. The show carved the pathway to Correy becoming the successful recording artist he is today. His rise to fame came as quickly as did his fall. But as with any warrior, Correy didn’t stay down for long. In this issue of “15 Minutes,” Correy shares how he focused on his self-improvement, checked into rehab, and checked back into himself. Here’s an excerpt from this article:

“Correy’s latest release, “Why,” is a powerful tribute to his struggle with substance abuse and his time in rehabilitation. His experience allowed him to reconnect with himself more profoundly, and it shows. His openness about his challenges is to help others to be fearless in healing and recognize when you have a part of yourself that needs to heal.”

Have you ever wondered what happened to one of your favorite celebrities? Many people think of them as “One Hit Wonders.” Still, they are multifaceted individuals and have other passions. 15 Minutes catches up with these famous faces and shares just what they are up to these days. Read more of this article on

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