Transferable: Between Two Disciplines

The biggest key to my success in marketing technology has been implementing the skills I developed as a composer to my career. I have been working in advertising and marketing for over 14 years, while at the same time functioning as a composer for music in advertising, film, and television. However, for many years, I kept those two sides of me very much separated and compartmentalized.

As a musician, I have always taken a very methodical approach to composition. I define my audience, the genre required for the scene and the proper ensemble needed to execute the composition for clients. This method of work proved to be quite useful for me as I was able to put together pieces that met my client’s needs. As my career progressed in marketing, I started taking on a larger role within a content marketing strategy. Quickly I saw the correlation between the two disciplines. I started to take the same methodical approach to music-making with content…….

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