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The Beauty in Resilience

For the month of May, our focus is on resilience. It’s about how stick-to-itiveness and steadfastness helped others to achieve. Our May issue features submissions and stories from incredible individuals who have demonstrated resilience in all shapes and forms. Below are summaries of some of our beau

Beauty Within, Hope Within

Mass Appeal Magazine’s latest issue, Hope, consists of groundbreaking, tearjerking, and insightful stories all having to do with the subject of Hope. You’ll find inspiring stories from individuals who share their experience with that one feeling that’s stronger than fear, and can be foun

Women’s Wellness

close up of two woman looking to the side

To honor Women’s History Month, Mass Appeal Magazine’s latest issue, “The Power of Woman,” celebrates and spotlights stories about women, from women. This month, we’re dedicating our magazine to inspiring females who share their successes, advice, and experiences with us. Read these summaries below

For the Love of Self-Care

man jumping in the air

Mass Appeal Magazine’s February 2022 issue, A Return To Love, discusses the role love plays in our lives. The root of loving others comes from loving yourself, which can be accomplished in all sorts of ways. This issue contains countless ways to practice self-care so that you can become the [&hellip

Become the Best Version of Yourself

man in bomber jacket

Mass Appeal Magazine’s January 2022 issue, “A Time To Heal,” discusses the importance of healing, which is ever so crucial especially after the last several years the world experienced. This latest release offers real stories written by real people about how to become the best version of yourself bo