Unforgotten Tales

In this issue of “I Can'” Michael Lee and Jenny Pearce share how they have embraced their disability and turned their challenges into opportunities. Yet, although they both know that they were made perfect, they realize the need for self-improvement. They share how accepting their disability has brought positivity into their lives and how and why their disabilities became their superpowers in “Unforgotten Tales.” Here’s an excerpt from this article:

“I was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia about sixteen years ago. It was devastating at first because it affects your voice. At the time,  I was a DJ, Sales & Marketing manager for four hotels in the Salt Lake City area, and a Professional Photographer. I noticed my voice was going in and out, and it took so much energy to talk. I loved to speak; in fact, I would get in trouble for talking in school. I tried all kinds of remedies, doctors, etc. When I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, I went to the Mayo Clinic. They diagnosed me with Spasmodic Dysphonia. I returned to school and got my master’s in Creative Life, Humanities, and Depth Psychology. I now use my soft voice to help calm people and teach them coping skills to manage life’s difficulties. – Jenny Preece.”

It is all about ability – not disability. We do not focus on what you cannot do; we focus on what you can do. Everyone has unique talents, and I Can is about sharing incredible stories of individuals who have overcome doubt and disability-related barriers to achieve success. Read more of this article on

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