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Resilience for a Better Tomorrow

For the month of May, our focus is on resilience. It’s about how stick-to-itiveness and steadfastness helped others to achieve. Our May issue features submissions and stories from incredible individuals who have demonstrated resilience in all shapes and forms, and below are summaries of these storie

Post-Pandemic Hope in the Workforce

Post-Pandemic Hope in the Workforce

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. We need hope to survive; without it, we languish. In this month’s issue, Hope, you’ll find inspiring stories from individuals who share their experience with that one feeling that’s stronger than fear. April

Who Doesn’t Love Effective Communication?

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Mass Appeal Magazine’s February 2022 issue, “A Return to Love,” touches on all aspects of life, and how love influences each element. This latest issue contains real stories and advice from people who let love guide them through relationships, careers, self-acceptance, and future goals.  In our segm