Moral Code: A Sincere Apology

The Key To Lasting Relationships

By Carrie Krawiec

You and your BFF do everything together, I mean everything! That thing you did last summer, you both sworn to secrecy. From hanging out at the best parties and events to taking amazing girls’ trips and telling your deepest darkest secrets, you are comfortable with one another. The friendship is so in sync you know what the other is thinking before it is said. You finish each other’s sentence, it’s like you’re one person. One day, one of you does or says the wrong thing and the relationship is suddenly strained.

Building relationships is a key component to living a quality life, whether at work, home, or out trekking the world. Every day we come in contact with new and interesting people and have the opportunity to form relationships.

People need each other to survive. I mean, who wants to be isolated from the rest of the world? Not me, and I sure don’t believe you or anyone else wants to live life as a hermit.

Friendships are a beautiful thing, but they require maintenance. Nothing will be perfect forever in your relationships, but what should you do when that friendship is damaged? Can it be repaired? Or do you just leave it alone and move on?

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