Life is Best Lived In Twos

We know you are strong and successful, but sometimes we all need help. Collaborating with a mentor or an accountability partner can fast-track your efforts and help you achieve your goals. Mark Aurel shares strategies on how to work with an accountability partner and provides valuable tips in “Life is Best Lived In Twos” in the segment of Bulletproof. Here’s an excerpt from this article:

 “Although you are strong and independent, sometimes you need help navigating your success. Support doesn’t mean you have to have a business partner; instead, an accountability partner can help you achieve your goals. They remind you of your dreams, you can test your ideas with them, and they can offer you solid advice on strategies and tactics.  After all, life is lived best in twos.”

Bulletproof shares inspirational stories of readers using their suit of armor to survive assaults on their self-esteem, what they use as a suit of armor, and how to stay impenetrable. We would like to hear your story, whether on the giving or receiving end. Read more of this article on

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