Hair Affair: Flexi-Rods

Flexi-Rods are versatile curl creators that work well on hair, wet or dry. You may have seen these funny looking rubbery and tubular contraptions and think these may not be for you. But, Flexi-Rods are bendable and flexible enough to conform to any hair type or length to produce a fabulous curl.

Many people are intimidated by them but don’t be afraid to use these strange shaped magical rods. They can create voluminous natural-looking curls, without heat damage. As opposed to other methods used to curl hair naturally (such as using perm rods, pin curls, and curl formers), Flexi-Rods provide a better grip to form a more seamless curl. If you enjoy volume in your hair, using Flexi-Rods will give you that big, bouncy curl. While they’re a little tricky to master at first, once you get the hang of using them, you’ll fall in love with every single curl.

Photo Credit by Puhhha

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