For the Love of Self-Care

man jumping in the air

Mass Appeal Magazine’s February 2022 issue, A Return To Love, discusses the role love plays in our lives. The root of loving others comes from loving yourself, which can be accomplished in all sorts of ways. This issue contains countless ways to practice self-care so that you can become the best version of yourself on the inside, and on the surface. These segments offer regiments, routines, and beauty hacks to ensure you feel beautiful, strong, and confident.  

Our magazine’s “Shape” segment provides helpful tips on how to stay fit through diet and exercise. This month’s piece provides an intense but effective workout you can do by yourself, or with your significant other! David Baillie shares a 30-day workout plan to get you moving in our latest issue. After your workout, reward yourself with a self-care day by mixing beauty with booze. In “Beauty Bar,” we find all the ways cocktail ingredients can also be used for beauty so that you feel great on the inside and the outside! Read this segment by Taylor Tarantino for amazing recipes and beauty hacks you and your loved one can both enjoy. 

In our segment, “Face,” we provide you with all the latest makeup trends and techniques. This month’s piece written by Taylor Tarantino discusses make-up hacks aimed at helping you get ready for date night, which is all too relevant this month. Learn how to adjust your make-up depending on the occasion and setting, and always look your best for your special someone! The secret behind a polished make-up look? A skin regiment that leaves you glowing! In “Skin,” we share critical information about nourishing and protecting your skin. Nadia Charif provides tons of tips and helpful advice about all the ways agave in particular can enhance your skin health and provide several benefits to your complexion. 

“Grooming Lounge” offers tips to our male readers to help them look and feel their best. From coffee products to resurfacing 90’s trends, Ashish Singhal talks about the latest grooming trends along with the benefits they reap. For those looking to up their hair game, “Hair Affair” provides the best trends and techniques for hair care and styling. Alyse Tatevosian offers information on the hair tool that has generated all the buzz this season. This product is sure to leave your hair always looking luscious and full!     

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