Atelier: Sandhya Garg

Sandhya Garg is about every woman who has ever wanted to feel special in a big crowd. Sandhya has struggled several times to find that one special dress that would make her stand out in a crowd of generic black/blue dresses. “Whenever there was a special event, I would dread going shopping. I mean, it meant hours of hunting through many racks for this beautiful dress that must be a combination of exclusive design, great quality, amazing fit and be gentle on my pocket ALL at the same time”.

Finding a solution to this problem Sandhya started on a path to design limited edition dresses in her signature prints. She drew inspiration from her world travels and how every city she visited contained in itself a world of regional folklore, mythology, superstition, magic, art, and architectural wonders. She decided to create signature prints and design dresses that would hold the essence of that particular city.

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